For Parents

Jefferson Elementary and parents are partners. We encourage all students to read each night for 15 minutes and practice math facts for 5 minutes, Monday through Thursday. Whether practicing counting or multiplication facts, the extra math practice helps them become more fluent and confident mathematicians. Whether your child is working on letter names or reading chapter books, the extra reading practice helps them become stronger readers.  It's amazing to think that by the end of each school year, your child could have read almost two million extra words, just by reading each night for 15 minutes!

Every teacher sends home a Family Homework log each week to be signed by a parent once their child has done their extra practice. Students bring those logs back each week and give them to their teacher for a small prize. 

How you can help your child during their 15 minutes of reading each night...

Read with your child. If you are able to read alongside your child, you will be able to talk about the story with them. 

Talk to your child about the story... "This reminds me of..." "My favorite part of the story so far is... What's your favorite part?"

Ask your child a question every few pages to make sure they are not just reading words, but thinking about the story.  "Can you retell what just happened?"  "What do you think might happen next in the story?" "How do you think this story is going to end?" "What do you and the main character have in common?"

Reading Matters

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